Monday, June 23, 2008

Leaving Addiction Behind

Years ago I chose to break off from an abusive, unhealthy relationship with my ex husband. I was finished living with an addict. I felt I had done everything that I could do. Nothing was changing, things were just getting worse. The first roller coaster ride I was on was not so hard to get off. I hated addiction and I hated the people who so selfishly allowed themselves to get caught up in a world of drugs. They chose a life of this drug induced euphoria over their loved ones and it was intolerable selfishness. I tried to help 'him' change for years. When I left I did not look back. I was all used up. I had no regret when I walked away. The only ache in my heart was for my son. He would never know what his relationship could have been with his father had he not been a selfish addict.

For the next 10 years, we were free of that life. Sure Robby had to see his father on occasion, but due to a court order, it was supervised. He saw what his father was, I did not have to tell him. I raised my son the way I thought best. We did not do too bad I might add.

Addiction was gone from our lives for the most part. We knew it lingered in the background of our reality, but could not touch us anymore. Addiction was not in my vocabulary anymore. It was over, it was behind us now.

Addiction: n. A person who is dependent upon a drug.
vt. To devote or give oneself up to. To practice sedulously

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