Thursday, July 17, 2008

Is Addiction Genetic?

There is much to be said about whether or not addiction is genetic, hereditary, a lack of will power or all of the above....

So much in fact that it is hard to know where to start. The scientific research behind the study of addiction is overwhelming. Some studies show that it is very much a genetic trait. Others state that environment plays a large role in addiction. Still others say that carrying your addictive fathers gene does not shape your destiny and that it is a choice.

Since this subject is so controversial, I'd rather not even attempt to relay to anyone ALL the clinically studies that I have read, re-read and absorbed into my wee 3 lb brain. From one to the next, the conclusions contradict one another... There is research that shows YES.. that it is in fact hereditary... then there is more research challenging those findings. Why does one child have it when another does not...? Why does it skip generations and move on to the next?

I myself will always believe that is an overall a combination of many things....these are my feelings. I am not a scientist. I am still unsure, so why give my opinion.... I will leave that up to science.

So to wrap up this short post, lets just think of addiction in a new light... lets call it "dependency"
because whether or not your father or mother, grandmother or grandfather, aunt or uncle, is or is not...was or was not.... addicted to something.....someone we love is.... somehow they have become dependant on a drug. It has now wrapped itself around there brain and the battle has begun.

In the end does it really matter how you got there? You are there now. I am there now. I would rather spend my time working on a solution rather then to try and generate sympathy.

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